Site migration complete

After the relaunch of the new site in the beginning of January, it became obvious the previous hosting plan was in need of an upgrade.  Migration took much longer than I would’ve liked, but it seems all the bugs from the switch have been worked out, and soon I can put my attention on creating more courses for you all. đŸ™‚
I’m happy to say the new plan should keep the website running smooth and quick for the foreseeable future!

Wishing you all the very best!

Andrew Furmanczyk

3.0 Site Update

Welcome to version 3.0 of Furmanczyk Academy of Music website!

As you can see the update is quite visually different, but the content still remains fairly similar. One of the major changes to the site is the addition of the embedded courses that are powered by the Versal platform.  It is my hope that these new and interactive courses will improve the learning experience for you!