Hi and welcome! My name is Andrew Furmanczyk and I started teaching people music online back in 2006! It all started because I believe people around the world should be able to have access to free music education that will teach them to understand and play music for themselves.

Through the Furmanczyk Academy of Music I am here to enable you to follow your musical passion or even just explore music out of your own curiosity.  This place is can be your ‘superstore’ site for learning music theory or how to play piano, without having to pay anything.

My goal when I teach is to take anything that could be complicated, and make it easy and clear to understand. Learning music is a great way to better yourself. It will most likely make your brain and your hands work faster; plus, you will get the bonus enjoyment of expressing yourself musically!

I honestly hope music will be a great and enjoyable part of your future that brings many smiles to your face!

Your teacher and friend,

Andrew Furmanczyk




If you need to buy a keyboard to play on, I have a list of recommended keyboards for you.