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My name is Andrew Furmanczyk and I've been teaching piano professionally since 2005. My goal when I teach is to take anything that could be complicated, and make it easy and clear to understand.

My students have won in piano competitions, and passed the highest levels of piano exams. I will teach you the same material, so you can follow your passion to learn how to play piano and music theory.


Complete Courses

42 hours of video, 100% free.

Learn Free Music Theory

  • 50 videos. (25 hours of content)
  • Beginner to advanced music rudiments.
  • All topics covered in depth and explained.
  • Equivalent to taking about 1-2 years of music theory lessons from a teacher.
  • Homework given for each lesson.
  • Three written exams you can complete to assess your knowledge.

Learn How to Play Piano

  • 40 videos. (17 hours of content)
  • From absolute beginner to intermediate.
  • Teaches fundamental concepts and skills.
  • Material covers 5-7 years of piano lessons.
  • Learn how to read sheet music.
  • Learn scales, chords, arpeggios.
  • Empowers you to learn any song you want.

Are these courses really free?

Yes, there's no upsell or anything, I made these courses because I genuinely want to help people who have a passion to learn piano and music but can't afford it. I spent a few years putting what I knew about piano and music theory into these in-depth courses. In real life you would pay thousands of dollars for this info spread over years of lessons.

Where should I start?

If you don't have a piano yet, you can jump into the theory course right away, and it will still help in learning piano, but if you're excited to learn piano right away, you can jump into the piano course first. Either course can be learned in any order.

Piano Buying Guide

Once you decide to learn piano, the first thing you're confronted with is that you now need to buy a piano (if you don't already have one laying around your home somewhere). Knowing what features you need and which models meet those features can be overwhelming. This guide will help educate you on what to look for, and finish with a list of which keyboards I think are best value for money right now.

Read the piano buying guide