This is an Overview of all my piano lessons, In order with links and descriptions of what each lesson teaches. This should help A LOT when you’re looking for a particular subject.

Lesson #1

Subjects covered: Very basics of piano, finger numbers, names of keys, C major scale, finger tuck, (song) Twinkle little star.

Lesson #2

Subjects covered: Whole tones & Semi tones, Major scale TTSTTTS, Sharps and Flats, G major scale, Definition of Octave, Intervals.

Lesson #3

Subjects covered: Triads, Inversions, Tonic and Dominate, 4 note Chords, Solid and Broken Chords, D major, A little extra talking about Sharps and Flats.

Lesson #4

Subjects covered: Note Values, Time Signatures, Basic Clapping + exercises.

Lesson #5

Subjects covered: Clefs, Staff, Reading sheet music, Intro to ledger lines.

Lesson #6

Subjects covered: Sheet music: Intervals, Sharps, Flats, Naturals,  Dynamics, Musical Italian Terms, Staccato, Legato, Ties

Lesson #7

Subjects covered: How the Piano Works, Showing my grand piano opened up and explaining the parts and what they do. This includes, soundboard, pin block, cast iron frame, action, dampers, and more.

Lesson #8

Subjects covered: Minor scales,  The rules for : Natural minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor, and the explanation of where they come from.

Lesson #9

Subjects covered: Key signatures,   How to draw a circle of fifths.

Lesson #10

Subjects covered: Chromatic scale, Blues scale, Hands together scales,  Penta tonic scale, Contrary motion.

Lesson #11

Subjects covered: How to learn songs, for any instrument, this should increase the speed at which you learn songs, or at least help you understand the steps.

Lesson #12

Subjects covered: An awesome super helpful Chromatic chord learning exercise!

Lesson #13

Subjects covered: How to transpose.  To move a melody up or down.    Stem direction, how to know which way the stems go.

Lesson #14

Subjects covered: Time signatures, rests, clapping, strong and weak beats,  duple & compound time. Mostly rhythmic topics.

Lesson #15

Subjects covered: Scale degrees, and their functions. Dominate function chords, chord symbols, Intro to Harmony.

Lesson #16

Subjects covered: Using your ear to recognize intervals. Hear the intervals in your head. This should help you play by ear.

Lesson #17

Subjects covered: Relaxing Your Physical Posture, the correct way to sit at the piano, and get the most of your motions into the piano. (Important lesson)

Lesson #18

Subjects covered: The mental approach to playing piano well.  This lesson should help you relax your mind and give you much better results. (Super important lesson)

Lesson #19

Subjects covered: Rules for good Sight reading.

Lesson #20

Subjects covered: Intermediate-advanced, rhythm, clapping and exercises.   Adds, triplet, doted notes, and more.

Lesson #21

Subjects covered: Arpeggios, Octaves,  how to play them.

Lesson #22

Subjects covered: Trills, mordents, turns, and ornamentation. Basically those quick little notes and squiggly lines you see in your sheets.

Lesson #23

Subjects covered: Expressing emotion into your playing.

Lesson #24

Subjects covered: Lesson on Metronome. Learning how to use it to keep your playing steady.

Lesson #25

Subjects covered: General Overview of Music history.  Know how we got to where we are in music!  This helps for playing stylistically correct.

Lesson #26

Subjects covered: Polyrhythms. Learn how to play 3 vs 2   &  3 vs 4.

Lesson #27

Subjects covered: Cadences, Perfect, Plagal, Imperfect, Deceptive. It’s like musical punctuation!  Also, you get to hear how they sound.

Lesson #28

Subjects covered: Modulation, and applied dominate chords. Learning to shift keys in your compositions.

Lesson #29

Subjects covered: How to play Fur Elise (easy part) tutorial.

Lesson #30

Subjects covered: Harmony 101.   Intro to harmony! Voice leading, choral writing.

Lesson #31

Subjects covered: Structural Annyalisis. learning Binary form, Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Rounded Binary, and Ternary Form. Great for learning how your pieces are built.

Lesson #32

Subjects covered: Playing leaps across the keyboard. With and without looking. This should help you play without stopping and looking as much.

Lesson #33

Subjects covered: Alberti Bass pattern. a LH broken pattern to play chords, popular in most music.

Lesson #34

Subjects covered: Hanon, a finger centric exercise book, used to strengthen the fingers and make them much stronger and faster! This lesson should give you things to practise to help you improve your technique.

Lesson #35

Subjects covered: More advanced scales,  scales in 3rds, 6ths, formula patterns, polyrhythm scales, repeated note scales.

Lesson #36

Subjects covered: How to perform for an audience. Mental techniques, physical techniques, and preparation.

Lesson #37

Subjects covered: Teach your kids how to play piano.  Techniques to teach your kids what you know about piano. Idea’s how to interest your kids in piano, motivate them, and even games to play with them!

Lesson #38

Subjects covered: Rolled Chords, this covers where you’d use them, how to play them, etc.

Lesson #39

Subjects covered: Pedaling, reasons for pedaling, what we use it for. Demonstration of with vs without pedal.  Different techniques.

Lesson #40

Subjects covered: How to learn piano online. This lesson is for motivation and direction to self teach yourself piano. (If you ask me this lesson should be at the very beginning! I didn’t think of doing it until the end though!)

I hope this chart helps!  I wish you the best on your journey of learning piano!