Andrew’s Recommended Pianos


(Let me say upfront first, B&H is giving me a small commission on sales from these links. I hope you guys don’t mind that.)

For years people have been learning piano and music from me, and a common question I’ve been asked from the very beginning was; “Andrew, I really want to start piano, however, which piano should I choose and where do I buy one?” For a long time the best I could do was offer them a generic answer and give them no clues as to where they could get their hands on a piano from a reputable company for a good price. Now, I have an answer for those who want my help with getting a piano!

There’s a mega store based in NYC called B&H – Photo-Video-Pro Audio. I started buying from them and found them to be very professional and trustworthy. They carry a lot of pianos that I normally recommend to people so I contacted them and became an affiliate with them.

I carefully picked out pianos, and complied my recommended lists. B&H created a few pages for me to help you find the pianos I recommend for different budgets; from basic beginner keyboards to mid budget keyboards and even pro level digital pianos. All these pianos are sold by an extremely reputable and reliable company plus their prices are great!

For the beginner with a small budget, the best bang for your buck is the Yamaha DGX-640. It is an 88 key full sized keyboard with weighted keys plus a bunch of other features which makes it a very great keyboard to start with. If you’re on a limited budget the DGX-640 is my top pick. (You can find it in the beginner budget link above.) Though, if you can afford to spend more there are better pianos in the higher ranges like the Yamaha YDP-240 or even the high end Roland V-Piano. Although, all my recommended pianos are great quality for the money you spend.

I really hope this helps you get an instrument you are happy with!

At the top, there are links to pianos in each price range, priced in US dollars, which may change from time to time. The prices listed at the top are just a guide to give you an idea of each price range. If you’d like to see the actual prices click on the links at the top to be redirected to the store to browse my recommended pianos.